The IMF overlooked more than 3.000 ton gold from 2009 till 2015

19 August 2017

In their annual report 2015 the IMF stated that the world official holdings in gold are 30.506 ton (980.800.000 ounces) as per 2009. This is very remarkable, because in their annual report 2014 the world official holdings in gold were 27.346 ton (879.200.000 ounces). In the annual report 2015 there is no explanation for the difference of 3.160 ton (101.600.000 ounces) with a retrospective effect to 2009.


So in 2015 the official gold holdings 2009 appear to be 3.160 ton higher than before (is 11.6 percent of the total world gold holdings in 2009). It is not only applicable for 2009, but also for 2010 up and till 2014 as follows:

These overlooked tons were added in their annual report 2015 in the specification of the international reserves (appendix 1) retrospective 2009 up to 2014.



IMF Annual Report 2015 the changed figures


IMF Annual Report 2014 the original figures


How the IMF could overlook more than 3.000 ton of gold in the world official holdings of reserve assets is a big question? It is a very substantial difference.

Which country is the owner of the more than 3.000 ton of gold?



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